D2L Monthly Upgrades – What’s new in November!

Welcome to our monthly Camosun D2L Upgrade Report.

There are a couple of small improvements coming your way this November.

HTML Editor – Copy and Paste from WORD

The change here is that you can now copy and paste content from a WORD document into the HTML editor in D2L and “retain the look and feel of the source document”.

Consider, however, that there may still be some formatting features in WORD that won’t translate this smoothly into an HTML editor, especially if you use, for example, tables.  That being said, it is a big improvement that I am definitely looking forward to!

User Progress tool is now called Class Progress

This is a small change, but it’s good for you to know in case you go to the Edit Course area to look for User Progress, because you won’t find it.  Instead, look for Class Progress (see below). Have no fear though – the tool still works the same!

Class Progress

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