Advance Notice: Camosun D2L is Upgrading!

Yes, Camosun’s D2L will be upgrading to the latest version, called the Daylight Experience!

When are we upgrading?

We will be upgrading D2L at the end of April 2018.  So, on May 1st, you will login as usual, but see a new bright and shiny D2L.

Why are we upgrading?

Well, the main reason is that the Daylight Experience version of D2L will be the only version available by the end of August, 2018.  But, we are also excited to be upgrading as Daylight Experience has been designed with mobile devices in mind!  So we are looking forward to a better experience for students who access D2L using their phones or tablets.

How different is this new D2L?

Do not fear! Many of you may remember the upgrade of almost 4 years ago when D2L changed significantly, but this upgrade will not be like that.  While D2L will look different, all the tools will continue to function as you are used to.  And everything you had on your course site on April 30th will still all be there for you on May 1st.

What’s it going to look like?

Here is a screen shot of what a default course homepage will look like (note that this may change a bit, depending on what additional changes are made before the upgrade):

How do I find out more?

During the 2018 Winter term (in March and April), we here in eLearning will be running information sessions at both campuses on the new version to prepare you for the change.  If you would like to talk to us about what impact the new version might have on your course, you can arrange to meet with one of our instructional designers – we will be happy to walk you through the changes.

Questions?  Contact me, Emily Schudel, at