Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning September Bulletin

Welcome to September from CETL at Camosun College.  Included here are some resources that might interest anyone getting ready to return to face-to-face teaching this fall, or exploring other modes of teaching after everything we’ve learned last year!

“Everyone is exhausted… Everyone has a metaphor… Everyone appreciated a chance to reflect… Everyone has learned more about themselves… Everyone has embraced (mostly) change… Everyone tried new things they will keep using… Everyone put themselves in the shoes of their students…” From: Faculty stories: A reflection

Check out all our Faculty Stories, where faculty at Camosun share their reflections on the past year.

Tips on teaching while wearing a mask

As you know, Camosun now has a mandatory mask requirement for all indoor public spaces, including classrooms. Teaching and learning in a mask may be new to many of us, and so let’s be patient as we all work through this new reality together. Below are some resources that may be of help:

Beyond the basics of adapting to masks, perhaps this is another “challenge as opportunity” to reflect on how we continually improve our teaching practice. This might provide an incentive to move away from instructor-focused teaching toward learning-focused teaching/facilitation, incorporating more blended and active learning, and some of the skills and technologies that we’ve learned to use over the past 18 months.

Blended learning resources

As we get ready for the coming semester, many of us are wondering how to leverage our recent experience and are exploring ways to integrate classroom and online learning.  If we use a blended model, how do we make the most of both the classroom and the online experience? How do we ensure we are altering rather than adding to student work? How do we match the delivery to the desired outcome? Below are a few resources that can help. Expect additional resources and learning opportunities as we move into the fall. Questions or ideas? Email Robin Fast or Emily Schudel

Encouraging academic integrity through a preventative framework: Start off right

“Langara College has created an open access toolkit for educators titled: Encouraging Academic Integrity Through a Preventative Framework (2020). The e-book is available for free through BC Campus Pressbooks Open Education Resources. This toolkit was a collaborative initiative that arose because of increasing requests from faculty for support in addressing and promoting academic integrity in higher education. It is meant to be a starting point on a journey towards a solution-focused discourse on educational integrity, using the Complexity Quadrant to reframe conversations around academic integrity and develop assessments that encourage it.”

(description taken from BC Academic Integrity Network email promotion)

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