A Quick Introduction to H5P

Last week the Educational Technology Users Group (ETUG) ran a Cooking with H5P webinar which gave participants a great overview of how H5P works, and how to get started exploring it on your own. I encourage you to check out the recording.

What is H5P?

H5P (HTML-5-Package; https://h5p.org/) is plugin tool that enables faculty, instructional designers, etc. to develop creative, dynamic and responsive web-based content, activities, and assessments without having to have advanced technical expertise. H5P is an open-source tool, which means faculty can share their H5P objects with anyone – or adapt H5P objects developed by someone else – without being limited to a specific proprietary tool or platform.

Some of the benefits of H5P include:

  • Increased student engagement. H5P allows you to develop a variety of responsive and interactive objects, including image Hotspots, Branching Scenarios, Flashcards, Dialog Cards, Interactive Video, and Speak the Words
  • Opportunities for students to develop their own interactive objects. H5P provides students the opportunity to create their own H5P objects for sharing back as assessments or as learning objects for their fellow students.
  • Open tool, open licenses. H5P objects can be Creative Commons-licenced, supporting the 5 Rs of Open Education Resources (OER) Reuse, Retain, Revise, Remix, Redistribute.. You can access templates, and adapt & reuse freely shared, CC-licenced H5P objects and resources from institutions world-wide, including from a wide network of users right here in British Columbia.
  • Accessibility compliance. H5P is dedicated to ensuring that all its objects meet, or are on track to meet, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). A complete list of content-type accessibility is kept up-to-date by H5P.com at Content Type Recommendations.

H5P Resources

ETUG Workshop – Online November 6th

This year ETUG proudly presents its Fall Workshop online! Join us on Friday, November 6th (8:30am – 5:00pm) for COVID and Beyond: What’s your Metaphor? Registration is Free, and you can attend all the sessions, or come and go as it works for you.

Join presenters from across the province who will talk about some of the challenges and opportunities from the past 8 months. We will also have space for informal conversations, and to reunite with your fellow ETUGgers.

Check out the program and register ASAP to ensure your spot!

In addition, we will be continuing the conversations from various presentations on our ETUG Slack. Join the ETUG Slack to get in on the action.

The Educational Technology Users Group’s (ETUG) First Webinar!

This Friday, ETUG is running its first ever webinar: Include-Ed.   It will be an exciting, jam-packed day of presentations and discussions with some amazing presenters from around B.C., so don’t miss it.  Come for the day, or stay for whatever sessions you can – it’s all online, so you can join from anywhere.  We look forward to seeing you there!

[Fall Workshop 2019] Include-Ed Webinar Schedule


ETUG Fall Workshops – save the dates

For today’s post, a quick reblog.

The Educational Technology User Group Fall workshop will be in two parts this year: Friday, October 18th face to face in Vancouver at SFU Harbourside, and virtually on Friday, November 1st! Mark the dates now – more information and registration will be coming up soon.

Find out more at the ETUG website:


Want to know more about ETUG and how you can get more involved?  Contact Emily Schudel, Chair of the Stewardship Committee for ETUG, at schudele@camosun.ca

Educational Technology User Group’s 25th Anniversary Conference!

Another re-blog for you, this time about the Educational Technology User Group’s (ETUG’s) 25th Anniversary Conference “Back to the Future” which will take place at Thomson Rivers University in Kamloops, June 20 and 21.  Check it out and register soon – hope to see you there!

ETUG 25th Anniversary Conference


Introduction to BC’s Educational Technology Users Group (ETUG)

I just thought I would make a plug for BC’s Educational Technology Users Group (ETUG), because not everyone knows about it even though it’s been around for 20 years (and I’m on the Steering Committee, so I am always trying new ways to get the word out!)

To quote ETUG’s website:

The Educational Technology Users Group (ETUG) is a community of BC post-secondary educational practitioners focused on the ways in which learning and teaching can be enhanced through technology. Our community is diverse and members include:

  • post-secondary professional staff (e.g. instructional designers, media developers, technical support)
  • instructors and learners
  • academic and technology administrators

ETUG runs two face to face workshops a year, and also runs numerous online events related to teaching and learning with technology throughout the year.

To find out more about ETUG and what it can offer you, go to http://etug.ca/