D2L 10.6 Feature Changes

At the end of April, Camosun College’s D2L was upgraded to version 10.6.  Here are some of the highlights!  If you have any questions about the changes, contact us at desupport@camosun.ca

Note that there are also some exciting changes to the Rubrics tool which will be covered in a separate post at a later date.


  • Use Set a default path (from a Module’s drop-down menu) to set a default storage folder in Manage Files for any files you upload to that Module.
  • When dragging and dropping files directly into a Module on the main Content page (i.e., not using the upload file box), you now have the option to Select a destination folder (in Manage Files) for your files.
  • Use Add Video or Audio (under the New menu) to add a link to the URL (or Embed code) for a media piece which will then appear in the Module’s topic listing. NOTE: we still recommend that a media piece be embedded in a new Page so that you can include context around it.

Copy Course Components

  • When selecting course components to copy from one course to another, select Include Associated Files to automatically copy files (saved in Manage Files) linked to the component in question.


  • There is now a bulk delete option for topics and forums (choose Delete under the More Actions menu).


  • You can now track and restore deleted submissions (e.g., if an instructor accidentally deletes a student’s submission) from the Submission Log.
  • You can now delete a Dropbox using a Dropbox’s context menu instead of just by selecting Delete in the More Actions menu.


  • In the Enter Grades area, a closed eye now shows in the Final Calculated Grade column when the Final Calculated Grade is hidden/not released. Note that this feature is not available for Final Adjusted Grade (if the Final Calculated Grade is hidden, so is the Final Adjusted Grade).


  • For the self-enrollment options:
    • A Self-enrollment expiry date option has been added, with the additional option to have D2L automatically enroll unenrolled students in groups after the set date.
    • Students can now see the names of students in the groups before they enroll by clicking on the Members column link.
    • Students can unenroll themselves from one group and enroll in another if they want to (before the expiry date, if one has been set).

HTML Editor

  • The Paste from Word option has been removed from the HTML menu.  You can now copy and paste directly from Word.


  • In the News Tool, under the More Actions menu, there is now a Restore function that you can use to recover deleted News items (as opposed to the Restore function in a News item’s drop-down menu which is to restore Dismissed items).


  • You can now delete a Quiz using a Quiz’s context menu instead of just by selecting Delete in the More Actions menu.
  • In the Restrictions tab, under Timing, Late behavior/submissions options have wording changes to clarify functions:
    • Quiz is flagged as late, but student can continue working.
    • Quiz is flagged as late, and student is prevented from making further changes.
    • Quiz is flagged as late, but student can continue working. Quiz will be automatically scored as zero after the specified time limit.
  • In the Restrictions tab, if you have enabled Respondus Lockdown browser for the overall quiz, you are given the option for it to be NOT enabled for Special Access cases (in the Add Users to Special Access area).

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