Blended Learning Perspectives: Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

Last week I shared with you a video with several Camosun faculty members explaining their views of what blended learning is.  Today, I would like to share with you a series of videos where some of these same faculty members talk about blended learning and how it supports equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Diane (EDCP) – Blended learning can include diverse learners many of whom can’t come to on-site classes, address content accessibility, and allow the inclusion of guest speakers from all over the world.

Kari (English) – Blended learning can provide a variety of resources and ways of presenting resources to support diverse learning needs.

Alyssa (Kinesiology) – Blended learning can provide flexibility to students with many competing priorities and who need to take time to digest material before contributing to discussions.

Bijan (Economics/School of Business) – Blended learning can provide multiple supports for learning.

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