Blended Learning Perspectives: Student Feedback

Today is the third post in our series on Blended Learning Perspectives.  So far, I have I shared with you a video with several Camosun faculty members explaining their views of what blended learning is and a series of videos where some of these same faculty members talk about blended learning and how it supports equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Today we have four videos where our faculty talk about the importance of collecting and using student feedback to give instructors the opportunity to improve and refine their teaching and help them make adjustments during the course with current student needs in mind.

Zahra (Academic and Career Foundations) – the importance of one-on-one check-ins with students in her self-paced classes to make sure they are on track.

Brent (Medical Radiography) – the importance of check-ins during the class (not waiting until the end of the term).

Bijan (Economics/School of Business) – addressing the challenge of getting feedback from online learners.

Tanis (Kinesiology) – finding different ways to build in feedback to invite them in rather than putting them on the spot.


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