How do I keep my Final Calculated Grades updated as I add grades?

Here’s a topic from the The Amazing D2L Gradebook workshop:  Keeping final grades updated so you don’t have to calculate them all at the end of the term.


Are you wondering why you don’t see the Final Calculated Grade appearing as you add grades for students? Does it look like this?

Final Calculated Grades not updated

Wonder no more!

In order to see the Final Calculated Grade changing in the Enter Grades area as you add grades for students, you need to adjust a Setting. So, here’s how you do that!

  • Go to the Grades tool in your course
  • Go to Enter Grades
  • Click on Settings (in the upper, right-hand corner)Click Settings
  • Click on the Calculations Options tab.Click the Calculations Options tab
  • Scroll down, and under Auto Update, select Automatically keep final grade updated. Note that this will keep the Final Calculated Grades column updated for you, but students will NOT see their final grades until you release them. Then click Save.Select Automatically keep final grades updated, and click Save
  • Click Close to return to Enter Grades.
  • You will now see that your Final Calculated Grade column is updated.  This column will now be updated every time you enter new grades.Final Calculated Grades are now updated as the course continues

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