Managing Attendees in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (D2L) – Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Tutorial

This tutorial is designed for faculty who have previous experience using D2L and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, and will cover how you can manage Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (BBCU) session attendees. Information on how to use individual feature is contained in relevant tutorial documents. For further information, please contact for assistance.


  1. Go to the location in your D2L course site where you have linked to your Blackboard Collaborate Ultra room (for example, in the Content tool), click on your Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session and enter your session.
  2. Open the Collaborate panel (the bottom right icon).

    Open the Collaborate panel

  3. Click the Attendees icon.

    Click the Attendees icon

  4. To manage an attendee’s settings, click the Attendee controls icon (the three dots) to the left of their name.

    Click Attendee controls

  5. From here you can:
    1. Send a private chat message to that attendee.
    2. Change the role of that attendee, for example (as shown here) promoting a Participant to Moderator, Presenter, or Captioner status.
    3. Mute the attendee’s microphone.
    4. Remove the attendee from the session/room.

      Manage attendees options

  6. You can also view an attendee’s Internet and audio connection by clicking the Attendee connection icon (to the left of the Attendee controls).

    View Attendee connection

  7. Finally, you can set the Attendee panel to stay open to make it easier to manage your attendees. Click the More Options icon (the three dots at the top of the Attendees panel) to:
    1. Find an attendee (especially useful if you have a large group).
    2. Detach the Attendee panel completely to keep it open.
    3. Mute all attendees at once.

      More Options to manage attendees

Things to Remember

It’s a good idea to recommend to attendees/participants that they mute their microphones upon entering the session, and to remind them they will need to unmute them to talk. That way you don’t have to worry about distractions from a lot of background noise.


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